Jon Stewart tiết lộ giải thưởng của Stephen trong 'Night Of Too Many Stars'


Jon và Stephen có một đêm nhổ nhổm quá nhiều trong khi vẫn tiết lộ chi tiết về buổi biểu diễn sắp tới của Jon 'Night of Too Many Stars' trên HBO ….


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  1. lol, jon cleans up after himself.
    "i particularly like the longer spit takes myself, a nice fine mist that doesnt even hit the table at dinner parties… mm, hm hm, mmyes (polishes monocle)" – Fine Victorian Gentalman

  2. One of these days… it'll be Trump who comes out from under Stephen's desk and THAT, America, will be THE all-time high for the show given Stephen's distain & loathing of Trump and vice versa XD

  3. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, James Gorden, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Noah Trevor, George Lopez and many others by making the Nation laugh, in these dark times you all give a glimmer of light. Thanks, we love your great job. Sorry for not mentioning all others that do the same.

  4. Its shocking to see that in the us these things have to be crowd funded, in the netherlands this is government funded. Support for autism should be available without the need of a campaign

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