Pat McGann Puts The Kids To Bed With Lies


Stand-up comedian Pat McGann says nothing puts his three little ones to sleep like a tall glass of dishonesty. Subscribe To “The Late Show”…


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  1. Yeah. I've also never understood the mentality behind over-scheduling. Isn't the whole point with kids to put them through a multitude of different activities (one at a time) so they can get a taste of different experiences and determine what they like? You don't accomplish this by dumping it on them all at once. Take the first interest they express and put them in that. If they like it, leave 'em in it, alone. If they don't, move 'em to another interest. But this is supposed to be kept to a healthy limit. Where does this notion come from that the kid has to be too busy to think?

  2. "You gotta wake up and cry about broccoli."
    I've never understood the objection to broccoli. I've always liked it. I would not by any means call it my favorite food (because no one's favorite food is a vegetable) but as far as vegetables go, it's not too bad.

  3. Loved the accent. Loved the suit. Loved how he just threw his three kids under the bus, while it was completely obvious, that he loves the hell out of them. Good show.

  4. I've got three small kids myself (although not so close together in age), and I laughed so hard I cried a bit. Definitely showing this one to my husband later!

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