Phó Tổng thống Joe Biden về Chạy Tổng thống vào năm 2020


Ellen chào đón Phó Tổng thống Joe Biden trở lại buổi diễn và hỏi ông về một cuộc tổng tuyển cử vào năm 2020, và những suy nghĩ của ông về hiện tại …


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  1. Do Lesbian should have a right to adopt boys only? Or girls future Lesbian brought up as well? Same question about gays. Should they been allowed to adopt boys and girls, or girls only? Think about impact that you experience as a child from "parents". The only way that lesbian/gay couple can own a child is… Stealing from unwanted strait couple. Is that step forward in human future? Or regress? Should we popularised gay/lesbian movment as a alternative for oldfashion mom plus dad? Two lesbians like Helen and her "wife" gonna left behind a dog's. They don't ad human being taxpayer or soldier as added value for future generations. It seems to me that elen show "it's me me me narcistic way of walking thrue life " perhaps you reading my thoughts first time cos I Am from Poland and from your perspective we are stupid in short. I want you progressive wing like Helen go 100% lesbian/gay as a nation. Quess what Russians too. You promoteing Lesbian life style doing best job for Putin narration. Good job Marxist Helen.

  2. Before another Hillary happens, think to yourself, what does Joe actually stand for and represent – Do you have ANY idea of his principles or ideas before you start waving the 'Joe 2020!!!!' flag… As that is literally what happened to Hillary

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