Thực phẩm Iceland: Ăn gì ở Ucraina


Đi tới Reykjavik hoặc các vùng khác của Iceland và tự hỏi bạn sẽ ăn gì và uống ở Iceland? Vâng ở đây chúng tôi đi qua một số các …


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  1. We went to Iceland in 2013 when it was becoming all the rage. Didn't really like it very much we won't be going back. The people are very friendly and the water and glaciers are gorgeous but outside of that it's a pretty boring place. If you like sun be prepared to NOT see any while you are there … we were there 8 days and it was never sunny, there's a constant overcast and dreariness. I will say the food was good and we love seafood so we really enjoyed trying the different restaurants.

  2. This makes me miss Iceland so much. I spent a week there about 3 years ago and I also spent 2 months living in Stockholm, 1 month in Copenhagen, and a week in Tromsø, Norway. Scandinavia and the entire Nordic region have been calling for me since I first started teaching myself about Iceland in high school. I think I mat move there permanently one day.

  3. I tried Arctic char for the first time at a Bonefish Grill a few years ago. It was SO good! Unfortunately, it is only sold when it is in season. I'd imagine it is more widely available in Iceland. With that said… I WANT TO VISIT!!!

  4. Went in mar 2017. tasted the ginger soda at an Indian restaurant which I enjoyed. also had a seafood bisque. I might be crazy but once I stepped out of the airport I noticed how fresh and clean the air smelled. Great country for my first trip abroad.

  5. Soup is okay, but it is f*cking expensive. We bought a lamb soup and a vegetable soup and paid around 4000 ISK. That's around 40€ for two mediocre soups which i would get for maximal 10€ at home in Germany. A burger, which was far bigger, only costed 1000 ISK. It was a better alternative for us.

    The Skyr is okay, but not very special. Tastes like normal Joghurt you also get in Europe (I'm not talking about that disgusting super-sweet jogurt you got in the US).

    Fish and meat was our highlight, best Salmon and lamb ever. Totally worth it.

    The bread is fine, but as a German, it is kind of standard for me?

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