Trump đảm bảo rằng Hàn Quốc là người rất tốt


Donald Trump, cuộc bầu cử tổng thống năm 2016 của Donald Trump, và sân gôn New Jersey của Donald Trump có điểm gì chung? Tất cả ba chủ đề …


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  1. Stephen Colbert you're an idiot. Why don't you look at what he has done good for this country rather than bag on him? At least he is making a difference unlike obama who sat around for 8 years and didn't do one good thing.

  2. This is very funny etc. etc. But why is Trump still allowed to be president? Why aren't you out marching in the streets? I know you're very proud and largely unwilling to learn from other countries, but when Europeans march on their goverments things usually change to lesser or greater extent.

  3. Why is he talking to South Korea like they’ve all got severe retardation? Is it because he’s used to talking that way to Eric and Donald Jr? Kidding… we all know he’s a racist piece of shit who thinks if you’re not white, you must be stupid.

  4. Stephen Coalbert is a CUNT LICKING HILLARY BITCH! Little Boi whose mamma played with his Vagina because she saw be had no balls! What's that puke punk?You think your some important comedian? You are about as funny as diarrhea dog shit in a yard! Your mouth reminds me of a cows asshole when it shits out big turds! Four Eyed Loser who wears his mommas panties under his suit! Total piece of skank raised BITCH BOI!

  5. Ugh. Not you again. A comedian? Ha! Nice try Mr. Colbert. You were funny until you beat this crap to the bush. Get over it already and provide some good old-fashioned comedy without politics.

  6. A demented, self-adoring old man whom nobody has ever truly loved wandering Earth bragging about how amazing he is. If only we could keep him doing that until 2019 and then vote him out. We would still be burdened with his malevolent presence, but he would not be able to actually do anything and he would be in his element…blathering on about himself like Hitler in his wartime Table Talks and having his arse kissed by shamelessly self-interested foreign leaders.

  7. I was thinking today about Jimmy Carter. He's likely to pass away soon (93 years old). Please President Carter! Try and live until Trump is out of office! Not just because I like you, but because I sure as fuck don't want to hear what Trump would say at your funeral. Anyone want to reply with what you think Trump would say?

  8. Man Stephen Colbert truly someone to admire I mean even when he mess up sometimes – in performance I mean – it's really hard to know weather he truly did or it was an already planned thing.

  9. I was wondering how he could insult the people there like he did in Japan. His ignorance is astonishing. What was the miracle? That he's still in office and not impeached IS a miracle. "And you know what I'm going to say." He really does believe the world centers around him! And he believes that he's a celebrity that everyone in the world wants to be like and knows about. That what he's thinking!! He's thinking that everyone in that audience follows what he does all the time because, like a celebrity, he's so special. And he thinks everyone in that audience follows golfing news and knows that female whatever was done on his golf course! That's how childish, arrogant and egomanical he is! He sounds like he's talking to a bunch of school kids! Shame on him!! He's still lining his pockets and adverting his golf courses. You know what American, if I were anyone that uses his golf courses or hotels, I'd stop. He's on his way to VC territory to visit with his buddy Putin. That's what this whole trips about. On our dime America. Our money. Tell me one reason he's made this trip? ONE?? Looks like a tour to me. I can't call it a good world tour. Not when he insulted Japan like that I can't. AND YOU NOTICE HE'S NOT TWEETING? His tweeting assistant is either his daughter or the woman he left back in the White House. He's not able to do it by himself. And the person that use to do the tweets isn't any more. The tone has changed. They are too smooth now so someone else is helping him. He better NOT threaten the South Koreans or I'm going to get very angry. Very. Patronizing fool. He should go visit one of their schools and see how education should be done! How the Korean parents treat education. Even to praying for their kids. Thousands of the Mother's go to temples and pray for their kids to get good grades. Look it up. Songsmirth

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