Vice President Joe Biden Keeps Promise to Son with New Book


Vice President Joe Biden chatted with Ellen about his new book, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” written in honor of…


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  1. just hearing him talk about his life, the sound of his voice is pure, meaningful to the purpose of his book… it reflects my own life by his title ‘promise me’.. just those 2 words, it kick my emotions and heart to ‘hope’

  2. Sou Portuguesa, mas dá para perceber que o Sr. Joe é intrinsecamente, um homem de mente e coração aberto.
    Um lindo ser humano! Sejam justos!
    Deixo a minha admiração e respeito, países, línguas as diferentes, mas, somos todos iguais, mundo é só um!
    Beijinhos a Todos. De Portugal
    Manuela Rodrigues ❤

  3. Joe is the grandfather we all want and need. he's good for us, running or not. i don't think he will, he will differ to the younger generation to run America, but he is an excellent leader, father, grandfather. thank you sir. us people around the world enjoyed your tenure, words and wisdom.

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