GIỐNG TỐT NHẤT EVER | RCMA Không có bột màu


Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Đây là kindaaaa một đoạn video ngẫu nhiên! Tôi nói về tình yêu của tôi đối với bột màu không RCMA & tôi chỉ cho bạn cách tôi sử dụng nó, trong khi …


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  1. Wow ur so pretty and I just love how u didn't overdue your makeup!!!

    I totally loved this video! You are detailed but not to chatty, u get to the point and I appreciate that! Will u do a video on drugstore products to contour????
    Because I have the same skin tone as you and I can't honestly afford the products u have.
    Contour drugstore products???
    Please please.

  2. i went outta my damn way to buy the dermablend translucent setting powder and it was a damn mess on my dry skin.

    so i went and bought the it cosmetics bye bye pores pressed translucent powder… (because of ppl raving about it) and it was better but still showed all my imperfections, cracked me on my driest zones. that was almost 70 bucks with shipping etc?

    if this doesnt work for me i am going to mfking give up on makeup and sell all of it

    it doesnt matter what i do, my skin is so dry ? and to make it scarier, winter is coming.
    am gonna look as dry as a piece of beef jerky

  3. Hi Kathleen, this is my second time watching this video. What brand and names or numbers of the facial brushes you used in this video. You have flawless skin. Very pretty. Thank you, Peggy

  4. Kathleen, loved this video. Could you let me know what were the brushes you used in this video. I loved the big powder brush and then the one you used for baking your contour. You have flawless skin. So pretty. Thank you. Peggy

  5. I've been using this since 2013 when I was introduced to it in makeup school, its amazing and so finely milled and soooo affordable. If you need it to be more travel friendly or look cuter, you can just remove the sifter from your LM or whatever and fill it with the RCMA (;

  6. Hello there! Do you guys have any alternative for the RCMA powder? I have dry skin like Kathleen and a bunch of products that she uses aren't available in my country. So besides RCMA and Laura Mercier, can you guys help me out with some other ones?
    Even if it's high end. I really struggle setting my makeup and until now I didn't find any powder that does the job. Thanks in advance!

  7. You are soooooo cute and I love your personality ?❤ this video helped me so much because I was thinking of buying the Laura Mercier Powder but I'm definitely buying the RCMA powder instead. I mean I have the mini version and I like it but I can't be spending $38 every time. The RCMA it is!

  8. I have VERY dry skin also and the best moisturizer I've discovered is cocoa butter vaseline. I now swear by it and use it after I wash my face/before I do my makeup.

  9. Kinda hilarious Laura Mercier being too cocky thinking they had the perfect formula only for it not to work on dry skin types…
    Glad i didn't buy it since fakes are flooding the market and the real deal can't even get skin chemistry right.

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