Đây là một năm mới và một video mới được yêu thích! Ngoài vẻ đẹp, thời gian này tôi bao gồm một chút peek tại chuyến đi của tôi đến Kansas cộng với Aria Valentine's …


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  1. I am a new subscriber on your channel and have really been enjoying video's! I also wanna give you a big high five on the menstrual cup video! I'll be purchasing my very 1st cup before next month's flow lol!

  2. You are adorable, by the way. My son just turned 21, so you have a lot of love and joy to look forward to. I was a subsciber, then I lost you somehow, then found you again. I enjoy your videos.

  3. I am so old, Jen. I was working as a sales rep for Viking Penguin when The Sticky Cheese Man was first published, so yes, I remember it, LOL! Go light on the "old face" comments on behalf of us with actually old faces, or rather, faces with wisdom. wink It happens to everyone if one is fortunate to live that long. ❤️

  4. love your new montly favorites style jen! not only sharing about beauty things but also another things that happened to you in that month! keep it up jen..i'm waiting for the next video??

  5. Thank you Jen for the video… I discovered meaning of the work food and cooking for Asians and I think it's really amazing how you could feel that love and caring throughout the food…
    Your baby is so so cute ???

  6. omg this is my all time favorite and go to matte liquid lipstick u should definitely try. It is the NYX soft matte butter cream liquid lipstick. it really doesn't transfer at all but u just need to wait for it to set for a bit. and the colors are absolutely beautiful and ur lips do feel really soft and not dry at all. it is pigmented to where u only need to apply it one time and it does last very long

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