Một tuần trước, Trump Goes To Asia


Tổng thống đi nước ngoài và Jon Stewart đi dưới bàn làm việc. Đăng ký "The Late Show" Channel TẠI ĐÂY: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTube Để biết thêm …


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  1. I'm sorry I retract that he's not an idiot Trump is not an idiot he is a complete con man he's a con man and the reason why he has what he has is because he is a master at the long con

  2. God bless God bless the person that made that f**** idiot stay on script he is not presidential he's a f**** idiot and everybody around him knows it but the person writing that script is not so bright either

  3. What do you think happens inside Trump's tiny brain when he gets told that people born in China don't actually have the words 'made in China' branded on them?

  4. "Did you hear that, Donny Jr? He said I'm the smart one!!! I said he said I'm the smart one! The smart one! I said THE SMART ONE!!!! I .. ok just help me get the bucket off my head… You there? Where'd you go? Donny?.. Donny? This isn't funny y'know, I'm telling Da…OW,! My toe!"

  5. When you cant knock trump for just securing the best thing for international business in decades. Chinese opened their markets. Aka companies can be majorily owned by foreign investors thanks entirely to Trumps conversation. Lmao leave that part out. I see the blindside of being entirely dependant on satirical yet biased "news" sources that like to leave out facts alot.

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