The Maritime Lemonade Stand – Episode 4: The Escape


With Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Aric S. Queen’s, boat ‘odyssey’ being worked on, he escapes down to Key West in Florida for a break from planning…


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  1. Hi Eric thanks for coming to our church here in Savannah First African Baptist Church it was a pleasure having you join us for Church hope to see you again Happy Sailing o

  2. I haven't watched this episode yet but in regards to your troubles, I have mixed feelings. While the Aric whines part doesn't make for good cable I think that it is a realistic and EXTREMELY important part of the travel process. Most people can't just come up with a quick plan and ride off into the sunset after selling all their stuff and live happily ever after (especially with a boat). Changing your entire lifestyle takes a lot (trust me, I've sold my stuff three times and going on my fourth =op). I believe in the first episode you mentioned wanting to find a connect to sipping hard drinks on a beach and being broke as hell. Kudos. You did it.

  3. "Ziggy played for time. Jiving us that we were voodoo. The kids were just crass. ~He was the nazz. With God-given ass~ He took it all too far. But, boy, could he play guitar."  So much fun!!! Can't wait to watch the next adventure.

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