Trump's Ménage À Gọi điện thoại khốc liệt với Pháp


Một số chi tiết thú vị đã được rò rỉ về cuộc điện thoại giữa Tổng thống mới được bầu Trump và sau đó-Tổng thống Pháp François Hollande ….


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  1. Wasn't Trumps original pitch that he knew "the best guys"???? Yet he was immediately begging foreign leaders to give him hints as to who qualified people were?

  2. You have to travel to France to update your prejudice. We're not smoking that much anymore because it's forbiden to smoke in all public places such as restaurants or offices.

  3. Mr. Colbert ur NOTHING WITHOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP…..viewers u get are Trump haters … Ur mistaken if u think they view ur vid bcoz of u…ur a piece of crap

  4. So let me get this straight. Trump asked for advice from Hollande.

    Trump… asked for advice… from Hollande.

    Why? So Trump can have an approval rating as low as 4% too?

  5. Monologue order:
    1. Trump's Ménage À Terrible Phone Call With France
    2. Facebook Is Asking You To Send Nudes, Literally
    3. God Forgives Those On Their Phones At Church
    4. There Are Too Many 'Bad' Movies

  6. Why don't you talk about the incredible display of respect out president got in every country he visited…unlike Obama. Oh yeah, its not on the agenda.

  7. Did Trump even know that Hollande is a socialist who would be considered even worse then Bernie Sanders by the Trump supporters? And that he had shitty aproval ratings? How can Trump be so stupid and still become US president?

  8. Ok this is turning out to be so fucking weird, wtf is going on with our president? It's almost like a horribly written black mirror episode mixed with some really bizarre dark humor and neo nazis.

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