Ý tưởng Ngày Valentine! Những cách nhỏ để Nói Tôi yêu Bạn ♥ Ingrid Nilsen


Đôi khi những điều nhỏ bé có thể có ý nghĩa nhiều hơn những điều lớn. Gửi cho tôi ảnh nếu bạn thử bất kỳ ý tưởng nào! Nghe các podcast của tôi Ladies Who …


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  1. Video is so pretty and warm! Thanks for this magic atmosphere♥
    But I want to say that we can show our love and respect without any material things. We don't need to buy something just to say about our love. Of course most of people like get presents but our world so dependent of money and this is disgusting. Hug your love and it will be pretty♥ Have a good day^^

  2. her videos have been pretty good lately. after a year or so or not being interested in any of her vids, shes coming out with a lot of interesting material lately

  3. New sub, and my nana's birthday falls on Valentine's Day and because she passed away a few years ago will be getting a cake to celebrate her birthday and Valentine's Day my other nana's falls the day before Valentine's Day so will be celebrating both birthdays in one more or less, she also passed away a few years ago I only have a grandpa he's in his 80's my other grandpa died before I was born he would have been 103 last month

  4. Great ideas. I agree, taking the time to create something from the heart is the best. You're awesome, love your videos. Have a beautiful Valentines Day as well! ❤????

  5. I love that you wrote Notting Hill as the movie, my boyfriend loves Hugh Grant and we have watched so many of his movies together! If you haven't seen it, watch Music & Lyrics; it's Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, and it gets me every time! ?

  6. I've been loving for something to do for my boyfriend and the jar of origami cranes is PERFECT! We've been together for almost a year and he means the world to mean. Thank you for the amazing idea Ingrid!

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