Báo cáo video về khủng bố năm 1990 của Rick Steves – Vẫn còn Quan tâm Hôm nay


Gần đây, tôi đã tìm thấy đoạn video này về một cuộc nói chuyện mà tôi đã đưa ra cách đây 27 năm, với khoảng thời gian hai phút, khoảng năm 1990 của tôi trong cuộc khủng bố. Trong khi kính đeo có thể là ngày, …


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  1. Rick, watching your show on PBS has been a driving force in my love for traveling. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe twice in the last decade and hope to make it back again and again. Thanks for sharing your adventures, I know you have influence mine! We need more influential people like you.

  2. Lol at the comments and the alt-right people trying to say that Europe is worse than in 1990 (because of immigration or something?) when every studies show that crime is going down.

  3. Very well said then and Now sir. I travel through Europe all for leisure many times each year. Ive Been in cities during Attacks and none of that is a deterrent. If we let them scare us to the point that we don't travel then terrorism wins. I carry a gun everywhere i go in the US. It never even crosses my mind to carry a gun in southern spain.

  4. the person responsible for attack was identified by media even before the british intelligence agency ……why not make media your new intelligence agenct?

  5. Rick always seems to take a jab at American culture while forgetting the asinine immigration decisions taken by his beloved Europeans. He needs to realize that the European utopian dream is a great failure. And finally, before he calls me an uneducated, stay-at-home American, I need to point out that I have lived overseas, traveled extensively, and I am a polyglot.

  6. When I travel in Europe, usually that means I am using public transportation in Europe, instead of driving on the streets of the USA. Considering the risks of traffic accidents here, I think I am a lot safer when I am off my usual roads, and in a bus, train, or tram, or just walking on the streets of Europe. All that is true, even without considering the risk of my fellow citizens here with their concealed-firearms-carrying permits as they play cowboy in America. I want to minimize my risks, so I want to be in Europe as much as possible.

  7. Apologism. Point the blame where the blame should be pointed instead of shaming decent people for judging indecent acts. I get it, you are trying to encourage people to travel to Europe, but doing it in the light of recent events in london makes it political and gives people the incentive to criticize.

  8. The video still holds some truths but Europe has added 5 million Muslims since the 90's and has plans to add many more and while most of these people are looking for a better life some just want to suck on the welfare teet and or kill us 🙂

  9. There always has and always will be Terrorism. It's just how it's used to create fear.

    The sons of Liberty, Boston Tea Party and other colonists that disliked British rule and taxation were seen as terrorists in England, although that's not what the word would conjure up today. Today they are the founding fathers of a great nation.

    London suffered much more at the hands of the IRA in the 1970/80's with multiple bombing's of high profile people and targets.

    Never be afraid.

  10. Not many gang members travel from the inner-cities of the US to Europe. The majority of gun-related homicides are gang related where the "victim" is just the gang member with the inferior aim. Also, many of the remainder of gun deaths are suicide. Unfortunate but avoidable by the average American citizen. It's not possible to avoid a terrorist attack by staying out of inner-cities or being proactive with regards to your mental health. You're comparing Apples to Oranges. I will agree with you, though, that the probability of being caught up in a terrorist attack is very unlikely. I also agree with you that, non-the-less, one should be prepared. That is why I carry when I'm home in the land of the relatively free and the, at times, brave. Not because I expect or want trouble, I just want a fighting chance if I can't avoid a violent encounter.

  11. Thank you for reposting this again Rick. As an American I don't ever live my life in fear.  I love Europe and have been a few times and I will again.  When we live in fear when there is a terrorist attack. They..(Terrorists) win.   They want us to be afraid. They want shake us to the core so we Fear them. I won't do that. What I will do is continue to travel but always be aware of my surroundings. That doesn't mean being paranoid.  No one will stop me from doing what I love, travel.

  12. Rick Steves, if this is really you, I recently found your channel on YouTube. I just wanted you to know, that I have been watching your show on my local cable access station, since 2001. Your videos motivated me as an American to explore the world as best I could and appreciate its beauty. Because of your influence, I studied aboard in Bussolengo, VR, Italy and attended school in the heart of Verona. Amazing experience, wished life could afford more explorations but that one is something to remember. Thank you Rick Steves, for all those episodes after school

  13. Last year I went to Rome, nice, and istanbul, since the time I was there there was a terrorist attack in nice, several in Istanbul, and a huge earthquake in Rome. Anything can happen

  14. very good video and very apt information in the description. indeed many Europeans I know won't travel to the US because of the dangers of rampant gun ownership

  15. I love Rick Steves, but the Europeans are no longer laughing out loud regarding Terrorism. It's not an issue of just stats it's an issue of ideology and that it's incredibly hard to track when and how it will happen, not to mention that there is a why as opposed to a random act of violence. This is what makes it unsettling especially now with the civil war in Syria, the Arab spring, the rise of the far right, and not to mention far-left as well. I think Rick is right in his point but the way he messages this. Seems pretty insensitive to me.

  16. While "statistically" the threat of terrorism is small for any individual, saying that terrorism will always be a problem bc just deal with it is particularly naive. Why don't we work hard to fight terrorism, instead of rolling over and accepting it like Sadiq Khan and Angela Merkel are? Maybe we should be aware of the evil around us. Don't live in fear, but be ready to fight it when it rears its ugly Muslim (or insert any violent extremism) head.

  17. Now, as the description states, terrorism deaths have dropped dramatically since the 1980s. The media, however, makes it seem as if the number has increased tenfold. Some people don't see through this, unfortunately, and use it to create an agenda.

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