John Mulaney Has A Picture Of A Ghost, Maybe


John Mulaney stops by the Late Show between a run of gigs for his ‘Kid Gorgeous’ stand-up comedy tour and tells Stephen about a recent photo that…


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  1. I used to believe in ghosts a lot when I was younger, but I don't think I really believe in them today. The day after my dad died I thought I heard a breath in my ear. I mentioned it to my sister, and she said she didn't hear anything. Later she said she admitted that she did hear something but it wasn't near me, it was coming FROM me. But, I've since then realized she's sociopathic and was just screwing with me as sociopaths do. Couldn't explain the breath sound I heard, though. I'd be happy to see an authentic video of objects being moved by ghosts just to contribute to the decision. The stories of freaky figures showing up behind people in photos or smiles turning to gaunt frowns are freaky, however.

  2. Anyone else think John Mulaney is one of those kids on a paranormal show who points to their past life selves in the background of a Buster Keaton flick?
    Like, he's a reincarnated Chaplin era actor who really found his stride this lifetime?

  3. I could honestly see Mulaney becoming the next Conan. He has a similar goofy, quirky charm about him that I could see working really well in a late night format

  4. I love this guy! I think he's one of the funniest comics of the past decade or so and I think he's a bit underrated. Absolutely hilarious standup material

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