Phim có quá nhiều 'Bad' Movies


Với tất cả các bộ phim gần đây bắt đầu bằng từ đồng nghĩa "xấu" hoặc "xấu", Stephen bắt đầu đoạn phim quảng cáo "xấu" để kết thúc tất cả. Với …


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  2. I prefer movies titled "American Whatever". Unless it's got "Graffiti" in there somewhere, it's guaranteed to be about something dark, horrifying, and vulgar.

  3. Horrible bosses is actually a good movie, Bad Santa was quite okay, the rest… shit it! I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY ACTRESSES like MILA KUNIS and KRISTEN BELL sign up for such crap NOT JUST ONCE BUT TWICE!!! Look at Mila, she did Black Swan, the Book of Eli and the Wizard of Oz and now she is starring in the worst superficial comedy films… Hollywood seems to be in a crisis. That's why just watch European movies for now. Less visual effects, lower budgets but better stories and not as superficial and dull as American movies these days (with only a few exceptions)…

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