Thông tin cập nhật cuối tuần về chuyến đi châu Á của Donald Trump – SNL


Cập nhật ngày cuối tuần anchors Colin Jost và Michael Che giải quyết tin tức lớn nhất trong tuần, bao gồm chuyến đi của Tổng thống Donald Trump đến châu Á. Claire từ HR …


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  1. Jim Ziegler "What?! Alls I'm sayin is that Joseph was plowing Mary when she was 14 and that's how she gots pregnant with Jesus. Hayo! Am I right? That's alls I'm sayin. Also I go to church every week."

  2. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS ACTUAL REALITY FOR HALF THE POPULATION? Getting to have sex whenever you want with whoever you want ok Ladies so I don't wanna hear to much bitching you spoiled fucking cunts

  3. Even in South Africa, women have to deal with the shit Cecily is talking about. It's not enough for us men to know whats happening, we have to do something about it.

  4. it just aint funny …… it's pathetic …… they have no respect for Trump . he is a great man and an excellent president . he loves this country and he's trying to correct many messed up things that former politicians screwed up in the past . these foreign trips are to make better trade deals and alliances with other countries to secure our children's future . NOT FUNNY SNL …. WHAT'S FUNNY IS YOUR LOSING VIEWS FROM PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR TRUMP WHICH IS WELL OVER 60% …. SOUNDS LIKE YOU UNDERSTAND BUSINESS AS MUCH AS FORMER POLITICIANS …. BOO YA … NOW THATS FUNNY

  5. At least SNL news mentioned Harvey Weinstein's abuse, because the ACTUAL NBC News killed the story they had on him months before it came out. Good job NBC…tons of integrity there. Maybe hire Colin Jost and Michael Che to do the REAL news. Funny stuff.

  6. Sometimes Melania goes to the Beijing Zoo, it's such a better zoo. She knows the night guard at the zoo, he knows that she loves Panda Canyon, sometimes he lets her bottlefeed the cub. But sometimes the zoo isn't enough, so then she goes to the aquarium. It's like a zoo for fishies. She knows the night guard there too.

  7. Cecily nailed it!! If anyone still doesn't get what isn't appropriate behavior at work (or anywhere with anyone you are not involved with), they are seriously deranged.

  8. Which commandment says that thou shalt not fuck a teenager? Because I'm pretty sure that the bible is all about fucking teenagers. Which is why it mentions fucking teenagers so often.

  9. Oh well he's first time you're talking Kevin Spacey and Weinstein and then a republican comes out in his 30s when Weinstein's been doing this how long good job SNL bias motherfukers

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