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Hướng đến Iceland và không chắc chắn điều gì sẽ xảy ra? Ở đây chúng tôi thảo luận về một số điều cơ bản mà du khách và khách du lịch nên biết trước khi họ đến đảo Băng Đảo.


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  1. One thing I want to mention. I highly recommend the wool sweaters and would say it's the definitive souvenir from Iceland BUT buy it handmade. The sweater shown in the video is from the company Icewear and it's machine maid and not 100% guaranteed to be made here. Icewear has a lot of good jackets, coats, hats and gloves but for the wool sweaters look for a Handcraft store. You will find the all over the country and local guides always know where is the best place in their region to find them.

  2. A request: at the end of the video. I know you have to have click-on labels to get YouTube points, but could you make them smaller so that we can see more of the scenes you use for the background. Thanks, John. I watch a lot of your travel videos to get ideas for traveling.

  3. @6.22 You said that the difference between Reykjavik and Berlin is 1 hour. That is not true. All Central europe uses Daylight Savings, which means that, in the summer, there is a 2 hour difference, since Iceland does not use Daylight Savings.

    One other thing. It is strongly advised to keep an eye on your children. Lots of places can be dangerous and tourists are expected to be smart and don't do dangerous things. Children usually don't have that insight yet! Every year, tourists die (yes DIE) because they are being thoughtless and stupid. Don't let that happen to your children (Source: Icelandic people themselves, and the islandic news.)

    Other then that: great video!

  4. 0:45 i "work" there, kinda. Its not a job but i do exactly what this 11 year old did, i guide tourist around the museum and tell them about the puffins, fish and history of the Westman Islands. Hope you liked this museum

  5. Everyone should visit Iceland once. I took a photo extremely similar to one you show here, the stone arch with moss on it and the hole in the middle. Amazing place, saw some mink running around on the beach there.

  6. Though we don't tip in Iceland, as a tourist I would recommend tipping a dollar (or the few Icelandic coins you have laying around). It doesn't cost you much and the staff can use it for the next staff party.

  7. You are correct that Iceland follows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but you didn't mention that they follow it year round. In other words, they DO NOT follow daylight saving time. What this means is that while Iceland is currently 5 hours ahead of New York, once the US switches to daylight saving time, then Iceland will only be 4 hours ahead of New York. Similarly, when the UK switches to British Summer Time, Iceland will be 1 hour behind the UK.

  8. I have heard far worse wind induced audio. Your camera man has a well protected microphone. The wind induced audio is not that hard on the ears as most windy day recordings are. Is it one of those fir covered boom mics?

  9. Thanks! This was very good information that a lot of other videos I watched didn't give. I'm glad you gave that tip about the plugs because I wouldn't have thought of that!

  10. Being that all of the faucet water is heated naturally from the volcanoes , how did you guys react to the methane stench in the bathroom, and is it like that on all parts of the island ?
    A quick story , it was our first day ever in Iceland , we checked into our hotel in Reykjavik, and I went to take a shower , and was horrified by the smell . (Being the ignorant American that I was at the time , and Not knowing WHY it smelled that way) , I went to complain at the front desk , and they asked me if this was my first time in Iceland. I said "Yes". Then I got a brief geothermal lesson , and from there on , not only did I accept the smell , I enjoyed it. I really love Iceland . Must go back. Must go back !

  11. I hate to be that guy but at some point you say "in other Scandinavian countries" which is kind of annoying since Iceland is not a Scandinavian country. Scandinavia is Norway, Sweden and Denmark, or if youre talking about the Scandinavian Peninsula Norway, Sweden and Finland (and some of Russia if i remember well but I'm not sure). Great video overall

  12. Iceland was on my bucketlist, but now I've heard more tourists are heading there then icelanders live there partly due to direct flights from north america i've decided to move it down the list and move sri lanka up

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