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Tháng trước tôi đã đến Indonesia lần đầu tiên với Stephanie và Ashley. Điểm dừng chân đầu tiên của chúng tôi là Jakarta và chúng tôi đã dành phần lớn thời gian của chúng tôi tại …


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  1. Happy Sunday, everyone! I finally uploaded my Indonesia vlog. We literally had the BEST time there and I'm itching to go back soon. Where should I travel next? ?

  2. Your vlog just popped up in my YouTube app and I loved it. I am Japanese currently living in Bali for work. I've been thinking to leave this island. But your vlog reminds me how beautiful this island is and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've watched your other vlogs and I decided to write down here to say THANK YOU! Your vlogs cheer me up a lot. I love the way you edit, fashion, make-up etc… please keep it up. Thank you again

  3. I literally freaked out when you posted in Instagram that you were in Jakarta. Too bad I couldn't see you in person:( much love Jenn, never get bored of your vids xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite books, I loved watching this video! ^-^ <3 I would love to see a video about your recommendations for nonfiction books because I enjoy reading those types of books, psychology in particular. My favorite author is Malcolm Gladwell and I'm actually in the middle of reading Outliers which is very interesting. He analyzes many events and people in history who became successful and figure out what factors played significant roles in the success from a different perspective. If you listen to podcasts, I also enjoy listing to his podcast called Revisionist History. 🙂

  5. I loved seeing your reactions when you opened your gifts. It's so nice to see how grateful you are for everything. Thanks for always putting out quality content and sharing your life with us!

  6. the most genuine and sincere gift response i ever seen. really love your sincerity in everything you do 🙂

    PS : the scarf thing you said, it is called ulos, the traditional woven fabric from batak tribes* (one of Indonesian's tribes that mostly live in north sumatera).

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  8. oh my god . this video's all beautiful things. If you are okay, I have a question. Are you a korean?
    before I subscribed you and again I am watching . you are so attractive and wear clothes very well.
    -a student that studying English in korea

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