Roy Moore và Jeff Sessions Cold Open – SNL


Ứng cử viên Thượng nghị sĩ Embattled Alabama Roy Moore (Mikey Day) gặp gỡ với Phó Tổng thống Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) và Luật sư Jeff Sessions …


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  1. What they should have done was a modern day remake of the old SNL skits that featured "Uncle Roy" (Buck Henry) and his teenage prey (Gilda Radner, and Loraine Neumann).  They could have called it "Uncle Roy Moore".

  2. When Republicans Win Big in 2018 Demon-Rats will say Damn we tried & Spacey, Weinstein ext. will go back to make Movies just like Woody Allen, Singer & Polanski were accepted by Hollyweird.

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