Thông tin từ DNC – SNL


Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon), Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat), Bernie Sanders (Larry David) và vui chơi nhiều hơn trong …


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  1. This is fucking propaganDUH! Mocking Brazile just weeks and the kind of sick depravity that is being revealed among many of these people. I suppose these politicians are teaming up to stay in power. And SNL is doing its very best to fuck people.

  2. Why is 90% of SNL skits just plain lame stupid or just tried old bits my grandparents thought was funny in the 30s is their demographic now 100% crack addicts

    Even the laughter from the audience seems like some 50's canned laughter

    Hire new writers hire old writers or at minimum have your current staff put down the bottle of whiskey and the crack until after work at least

  3. About time they took a break from all the nonstop Trump bashing skits. It was getting soooooo old. I've always been a SNL fan but it was getting too much and actually stopped watching the show.. It was plainly obvious they were so disappointed and bitter that Hillary lost…Maybe after a whole year they are finally coming to terms with it..sort of…Hopefully they start parodying BOTH sides again equally, which was why I've loved the show so much in the past…

  4. I don't think Democrats are disconnected from the American people. I think they are actually very aware, its just that they do not seem to have conviction or even passion for the democratic ideals or for what they stand for. I was watching Nancy Pelosi on CNN the other day and she was speaking about a very cogent issue in the most circular and flowery way as to have muddled the meat of the message. She sounded very eloquent, but she used tooooo many words to say something that could have been said in 3 words and although I know she cares about what she was saying, she was speaking in a way that made it seem like she didn't want to show emotion on her face for fear of people misinterpreting it. I love the Dems, but they are very boring its true and passive.

  5. Hilarious, and not entirely without merit.

    But to be fair, they kinda forgot to add the part where a folk musician nearly won Montana [and would have if the current flunkie had just beat that journalist a few days earlier], a generic hunk who didn't even live in his attempted district nearly won in Georgia, and all the big takeovers in Oklahoma downballot.

    I for one would've loved to have seen what they could come up with for Rob Quist.

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