Jon Dorenbos về Các Thánh Thay đổi Cuộc đời


Người chơi Philadelphia Eagles và New Orleans Saints trước đây đã nói chuyện với Ellen về thương mại bóng đá đã kết thúc cuộc đời ông.


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  1. I feel blessed that I was able to watch this segment from your show! ??☮️. What a beautiful man! God Bless him and his wife and new puppy ❤️. I am truly inspired. Thanks Ellen?

  2. This guy seems so nice and genuine. It's unfortunate he can't play anymore, but I'm glad he's okay. Plus he's always got magic to fall back on lol

  3. Come on Ellen. I love sports.. AND YOU! Why must you make me feel ALL the feels? I'm kidding, I wouldn't have it any other way. You're incredible and so was this.

  4. Every time I watch the ellen show I always get goosebumps, because the ellen show really inspires me to share do not know the person comes from where, religion, or the color of his skin. ellen a very good role model for everyone. Thank you ellen for inspiring me, I hope I can watch your show live. Love you ellen from INDONESIA and God bless you ????

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