Phóng viên đầy đủ: Joe Biden nói chuyện với Stephen Colbert


Phó Tổng thống thứ 47 ngồi xuống với Stephen để thảo luận về sự chia rẽ trong cuộc sống Mỹ, mối quan hệ của ông với VP Mike Pence, và cuốn sách mới của ông …


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  1. Notice the rosary wrapped on Joe's left wrist. I'm not that religious, but this too me is the mark of a man of humility and faith. The exact opposite of the people running the country at the moment.

  2. Biden has to win the same states Hillary had to win. this guy is a male version of Hillary as far as neoliberal policies go …so good luck with all that. my guess is Democrats are going to lose again and I'm scared that Bannon is going to run and become president.

  3. Bidens son got a VERY cushy job in Exxons hierarchy AFTER Biden and Clinton backed the overthrow of the Ukrainian govt. which lead to, 1. an ethnic cleansing neo-nazi government , and, 2. that neo-nazi govt, handed over newly discovered natural gas deposits in Ukraines west to ,…..wait for it,…….BP AND "EXXON".

  4. Joe's a neoliberal, corporate Democrat who loves all the trade deals. If the DNC use the same underhanded tactics to get him the nomination in 2020, Trump will remain in the White House. You can take that to one of his friends' banks.

  5. Man, I miss Biden… I'd still prefer Bernie in 2020, but Joe would be a decent alternative. At least until we can get a progressive in the White House.

  6. Oh god, is the DNC going to run Biden for president? He is trying to weave in the horribleness of Trump with populism, implying we need more of an establishment leader who follows the system. Fuck that. BERNIE 2020!

  7. The best evidence that Joe is a decent man is that he wants no part of the shit smearing aspect, or the power aspect of High Office. Even now, he's just trying to make this damn mess work.
    Decent is what we need.. not perfect.. holding out for perfect is as bad as giving up entirely… but decent would do.

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