Chuyến thăm Tây Ban Nha – Liệu Tây Ban Nha có an toàn không?


Có an toàn khi đến thăm Tây Ban Nha không? Có, an toàn khi đến thăm Tây Ban Nha. Có một vài điều bạn nên xem ra cho khi bạn đang ở Tây Ban Nha mặc dù ….


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  1. dude america is far more dangerous than spain lol. You have 33.000 people killed by firearms in america, opposed to less than 100 in spain, which are normally due to gang action, who kill each other, so its not really an issue.

  2. Don't assume that there is lawlesness in Barcelona because the fact that there are a lot of pick pockets. In most European countries police works according to priorities.

    Violent crime and guns are on the top of the priority list. Tourist scams and pickpockets are at the bottom of the priority list. The idea is also: If the police were to crack down heavily at pick pockets, criminals may resort to violent crime to get money, and that is the last thing we want.

    So there is a form of mutual understanding between petty criminals and the police. As long petty criminals as they keep it civilized, the police will go easy on them. As soon as they cross the line, they know that the police will get them and that they will be punished harshly. That is why pick pockets make it a point that they are never armed, not even with a pocket knive.

    If you are the victim of a pick pocket: don't go after him. Violence is not tolerated in Europe. Hitting a pickpocket will put you in jail, with the pickpocket walking away, perhaps with a small fine.
    This may seem strange to Americans, but once get used to safety that comes with this system, you will appriciate it.

  3. I'm only hearing Barcelona in the context with "robbery" or "police officer laughing at you"… Would you recommend Barcelona though?
    I mean yes, people there are probably nice, but that's almost everywhere the case, if you don't see the people as stereotypes.
    Are the sightseeings worth it? Is there food, you only get there? Did you get any special, unique experience (except cops laughing at you^^')?

  4. Tap water is not save to drink in all of Spain – in Madrid maybe but in Andalucia definitely not. There's a lot of dog poo everywhere. But other than that we love Spain and it is definitely safe ?

  5. I spent 2 months on the camino last may-june it was wonderful and very safe. in porto portugal i was robbed in the hotel norte
    exciting story ,got caught the robber naked(me) chasing and bopped him in the face with my fist, caught a little blood on my face just enough to have hero status . but a good lesson ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS !!

  6. Mark, I've gone to several countries (Germany, France, England, and Ireland) this past year, and have always used your videos before hand! You always give such a nice perspective (as someone from Texas- it's pretty similar) and aren't afraid to tell the truth. I'm so excited to be going to Italy, France, and Spain this summer, and of course have been having to see your opinions of Barcelona for when we go. Thank you for all you do and all your advice, it's helped me on my adventures tremendously! Safe travels, and I look forward to seeing more from you. ??

  7. It's true; Spain is relatively safe, however, a tip if you visit El Retiro, the main park in Madrid : there' are gangs of teenage girls who pretend to be raising money for the deaf and they claim to be deaf. While they are talking to you, it's easy to let your guard down and they'll dip into handbags or pockets. This happened to my girlfriend and although the place had been teeming with police minutes before, there were now none to be found anywhere. We did find some police officers on our way to the airport but they weren't interested and because we had a flight to catch, we didn't have time to go to the police station.

  8. Its interesting you say water really easy to come by. I found it impossible to find a shop or parlour selling bottled water on the street at sundown. All newsagent shops closed and if your not in a restaurant almost impossible to get water!. Eventually on some off alley corners immigrants would sell small plastic bottles for €1. But wasn't convinced the caps weren't sealed and it was refill water i was drinking. The problem with tap water would be id be afraid id get Dehli belly. This was during mid summer a few years ago.
    Another thing, did you notice the rattling bags!?. There would be a guy walking through the square and hed rattle something inside a supermarket bag he'd be carrying. It was like he war touting for trade. We watched this for hours before curiosity got the better of us and went up and asked him what he was doing. He was selling illicit alcohol, the teens would buy it from him as it must be cheaper than the wine shops or they are hard on underage selling. Occasionally a police siren would go and yer man would scarper off!. Yes this was Madrid!

  9. I do have a question because I'm trying to get a job that pays pretty well and I start off getting two weeks of vacation every year I have to earn more if I do get this job now where are some good places in Europe to go that aren't going to break the bank? I mean even in Spain like I said I've heard it's a beautiful country.

  10. My ex-girlfriend is of predominately Spanish descent although she was born in the United States, specifically Texas and she was telling me about how beautiful her grandmother said Spain was her grandmother speaks fluent Spanish she does not. I will tell you though I have a great-aunt who went to the Canary Islands she also speaks fluent Spanish because she's lived in Mexico most of her life although she was born in the United States and she said it was really dangerous. Now I don't know how true that is because I've never been there but when you get right down to it everywhere is dangerous. I had a pastor of mine who went to the Holy Land and people asked him if he was afraid of bombs going off and he made the point that could happen anywhere. He's right.

  11. Never felt unsafe in Spain. In terms of weather, I went in March which I think is one of the best times to visit. Madrid was comfortably cool but not freezing, Seville was comfortably warm and the only place that was freezing that I went to was Salamanca where the temp seems to drop A LOT at night, but then it wasn't so bad during the day.

  12. We're spending the winter in Spain. We are living 30 km north of Barcelona and have gone into the city often. We've always felt safe, even in the most touristy areas. Like any big city, it attracts a lot of different people. If you're from the US, it will feel safer. Hardly any homeless people, it's clean, few panhandlers. I'm from Canada and spend a lot of time in California.

  13. right after this video mark was beaten and cornholed in Barcelona
    Spain has the fiercest sun l have ever seen. I have dark skin and have been in Mexico and the California desert , but the only time that I have ever burnt was in Seville. climbing up to the cathedral in Toledo I sweat like crisco oil — this was in may!

  14. the only time u can only feel unsafe in Spain is on big cities around night clubs, or taking the metro very late at night but i guess its like everywhere

  15. I've never once felt unsafe in Spain. But then, I pay attention to my surroundings and use my head….just like I do when I travel at home in the U.S. I'm amazed at how people are oblivious to their surroundings, and that's why bad things happen to them.

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