Colin Farrell Món ăn trong buổi hẹn gặp bạn gái


Người bạn của Ellen là Colin Farrell đã giải thích cách anh và bạn gái của anh, dù lịch làm việc bận rộn, vẫn tìm thấy một "cổng để hẹn hò".


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  1. They always say "the business" as if acting is THE one and only business.  Or the official business.  But it's not.  It's been around about a hundred years as a profession, and it's not the most helpful or the most necessary, or anything that should make it labeled "THE" anything.  …..Just saying.

  2. dear ellen, thanks for inviting BTS to your show, i love BTS so much. please tell to them that i'm alive i'm breathing tell that i love them. they should know that. and i hope your couch fits for 7 member

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