Joe Keery Talks About His Famous Hair


Stranger Things’ Joe Keery discusses his famous hair, the perils of tight jeans in the ’80s and the odd jobs he had in high school. » Subscribe…


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  1. So glad he's getting so much from the audience, he looks a tad surprised by it too. I read that he his the nicest person, here it's proven by his story about and shoutout to Mark in the Demogorgon suit. The future Tom Hanks?

  2. And then when he turns 30 Hollywood don't want him because he's bald please hair racist white thinking big ears like monkeys behind that gel stink hair please

  3. i started shaving my head 19 years ago love it, plus i'm balding as well. never paid attention to men hair. but dude! if my hair like this dude I will be very happy 🙂

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