Tháng 9 yêu thích 2016


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  1. Consider my advice, if you looking for a much smaller and portable camera for vlogging, then look up the Sony A7 series or the Sony Alpha A6000/A6300/A6500. They are way better in terms of image quality, portability, and lightweight. If you don't like Sony, then consider looking at Panasonic GH4. That thing is a very popular camera as it takes great resolution and details. Canon is alright but for the money, you can get something better. My 2 cents.

  2. I really recommend you to try some kind of sports with her 😀 Dog agility is like the most fun thing for me and my papillon, Nobu. We also like obedience training ( with positive reinforcement) and later we would like to try Nose work. By doing things together will strenghten your relationship and trust to each other. And dont forget physical training are important for dogs exactly in the same way as for humans 😀 My favourite dog trainer on youtube is kikopup! Good Luck 😀

  3. Hey Jenn!

    Thanks for a great video once again! Here to provide some teething tips based on our own experiences! It's best to crate them up or provide some sort of boundaries when you do get out of your house and they are left alone. I had my corgi puppy ripping up 2 of our sofas and the foot of our grandfather clock while we were at work!

    Also provide them with lots of chew toy options when you crate them up so that they are not too bored. And always always remember to put your shoes away the moment you take them off!

    Good luck and do document these precious puppy moments! 🙂

  4. When she bites you, yelp, immediately stop playing, and turn you're back to her. There is also bitter spray you can put on stuff to keep her from chewing on it, but be careful because some dogs like it. My family used Tabasco sauce for a bit instead, but it can stain.

  5. Keep anything important up high or away! They will chew everything in site haha when my dog was a pup I lost shoes socks and clothing items because she chewed them. It's upsetting but be patient

  6. my puppy is a golden retriever/lab and he just got into his teething stage. he lost his two canine teeth and it was scary but it's normal and they grow new ones. we got him lots of chew bones and a rubber bone with little rubber spikes on it and we put it in the freezer so it's cold 🙂 love you good luck!

  7. I think with any young pet, the best way to not have any night time mishaps like pets going through the trash or messing up ur stuff is to "wear them out" with lots of fun activities during the day. That way they don't have pent up energy to seek and destroy stuff in the first place. Good luck with the training! – it's super important during the early stages not only for behavioral control but also for safety! Luv ya! <3

  8. hiii! It's really my first time leaving a comment on Youtube! not even sure whether you will see this comment or not but I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and positive enthusiasm for your channel! You are truly so inspiring!!! Your music taste, fashion sense and make-ups are all so on point! I really do admire you a lot! You are the best <3

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