Donald Trump Jr. Wiki-Slides In the The DMs


Donald Trump Jr. đã đính hôn và nhận được thông tin từ Wikileaks thông qua các phương tiện truyền thông chính thức nhất: Twitter DMs. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. It should be coming completely obvious that when Trumpster tweets attacks, responses, or denials, its all lies.

    Too bad trumpettes only see orange is good.

  2. 12 days is a long time to work and travel continuously for a guy over 70.
    He gave great, powerful speeches, was greeted like royalty in every region he went to; its so ironic he get more respect over there than at home.
    Compare his to Obamas state visits and you will see who is really respected overseas.
    I suppose you all like him because he did like to bomb brown people didnt he, for a Black President he acted more like a White supremacist.

  3. Sessions is such a lying squirmy little racist. "I do declare! I fand your suggestion that I lied insulting and I need to retire to my fainting couch now – I feel a spell coming on!"

  4. Egh, I really like the work WikiLeaks has done, but they've really played their hand here. Though still important work, how can we really trust an organization that has actively tried to destabilize the USA?

    That said, they keep saying "Wikileaks" sent this information. I never hear that it came directly from Assange, which is perhaps telling. But then there's his latest tweet which is… hard to judge. It seems out of place; sort of like Jimmy Kimmel's support of Trumpcare. I don't know anymore.

  5. Love Wikileaks. They have no party affiliation. Just the truth. If you downvote this comment, you're a partisan hack and haven't woken up to what's wrong in America.

  6. Hey come on guys he's only in office for 1162 more days, if you think about it's it's just 27,888 hours or 1,673,280 minutes or 100,396,800 seconds or GOD MAKE IT END!!!

  7. Did they turn up the musician's microphone? I feel like I'm watching this at an ethnic barbershop. The background noises possibly inspired Key and Peele to do their bellhop skit.

  8. Golly gee whiz. I have had problems getting through a 5 day work week let alone 12 days…golly gee whiz, why did you even run for president Trump, you idiot… well, golly gee whiz ,Wikileak…..well the fake news is just lying again about me and my son's Wikileaks..the 32 percent of people still love me people…it's great, just the greatest and most tremendous thing you people will ever know……

  9. Stephan it is insensitive to make jokes about dropping bombs on innocent people. The states have been doing that for years and there are places in the world were Nazi Germany has a better reputation. Don't gloat about how past presidents and americans are/were cold killers. Your country has killed and repressed millions of people in the name of "freedom"

  10. Yea, „wow“. You done fucked up, Wikileaks. Assholes. Assange is a creep. In that way, he forms a nice match with this pussygrabbing Trump material.

  11. Its almost like everything wikileaks provided to us was useless ? Wrong wikileaks proivded more information than the media did whole election cycles

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