Ellen trình bày 'SUMMIT' – Tập 2


Bạn bè tốt nhất Nyasha và Sharinel đối mặt với thực tế trở thành cá nhỏ trong một ao lớn hơn nhiều khi họ đóng gói cho cuộc phiêu lưu mới của họ tại …


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  1. Excited to continue watching their stories.  UAlbany is my alma mater ('83 BA 87 MPA), and where I met my husband ('85 BS) and our son is there now ('16 BS, '18 MS).  It's an awesome school and Nyasha, Sharinel and Melick will have a wonderful experience.  She was right though…a much bigger pond!  Good luck to these three new Great Danes.

  2. Work hard for that scholarship in college. Do your best and give your all, coz if you don't, you might have low grades and lose the scholarship. Focus on your studies and don't do things that are not necessary in achieving your dreams, you know what I mean. This opportunity is only once in a lifetime. I pray all of you will be able to graduate and achieve your dreams. Always remember your family and everyone who made this possible. God bless all of you! ?❤️

  3. I am
    Loving those episodes. It’s inspiring even for me to go out there and give my 110% in life to do good and archive in life. I live in London and I am inspired but this

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