Roy Moore bị cấm từ A Mall và YMCA


Ứng cử viên Thượng nghị sĩ bang Arizona Roy Moore phải rời khỏi thị trấn nếu muốn Sbarro. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Whoever thought giving John Baptiste a mic was a good idea needs to be kicked in the balls! He must think he's the show! .. to be talking over Stephen constantly.

  2. Funny, I thought the Catholic Church had a patent on molesting children. Then again, I heard somewhere that they have allied themselves with the born again "Christians." I guess that isn't restricted to political stuff. I can hear the negotiations now: "You can have the little boys and we'll take the little girls. Deal?"

  3. Not just Moore has to go. McConnell started this UNDERAGE SHIT to get Moore out of office and made it look like it was the DEMS.
    I am sure him or his aids were the people giving this (INFO) to the Washington Post, Making it look like Democrats were trying to get shit started.
    Why doesn't the press release SOURCES if they are from GOP… to the public too??? I want him out BUT I also want the press to stop letting fucking GOP's like McConnell
    ( THE TURTLE) to stop pulling the press's strings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't fall for there bull-shit. Let's let The Turtle…. and his hit men release their own bull-shit!!! Let's stop talking about Moore!! Let the GOP do their own dirty work!!

  4. So no mention of Louis CK, huh, Stephen? Be fair and cover all news. Sincerely, a left-liberal yet disappointed fan. What a shame the liberal media in the USA has been.

  5. Evangelicals have a lot to answer for, far too literal interpretation of the bible ( when it suits their purpose ). And also the devil can quote scripture ( see Roy Moore )

  6. It's so much worse that it seems though. It's not as if GOP voters are begrudgingly supporting their candidate because of the R even though they don't like him. Since the allegations about this guy came out his support amongst conservatives and especially evangelicals has dramatically increased. They see a filthy pedophile and they think 'Yep, that's my guy :D'

    I honestly think he's got a shot at the presidency now.

  7. Man these people get away with so much. #valpo #valpoymca If me or any other black dude look in the direction of someone people start freaking out. Smh. ?. Again, if you're worried about what I'm doing when I know all eyes are on me in an all white town, then you're missing out on several "Roy Moores" in the process.

  8. Notice only white nut job Christians in Alabama still support him. One fucking crazy ass said to vote for him no matter what because it prevents support for a democrat


  9. big fan here but im disappointed that you're not talking about the Louis CK issue in depth. If it was someone else you'd have dedicated an entire segment on it. What impression us as fans are getting is that you're not ready to condone sexual harassment when its a friend who is the predator. love you so much – came to the live taping but as a woman – super disappointed in your making a measly "la la la Jesus doesn't wanna hear" joke about it.

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