Thông báo Hillary Clinton của DOJ


Bộ Tư pháp có nhiều lý do chính đáng để điều tra Hillary Clinton. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Yeah, keep working that pro-Hillary, Washington insider angle, CBS. Make your TV audience believe every criticism of Hillary is a crazy conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, there's hard proof that she controlled the DNC to her advantage completely undermining democracy. Every American seems to believe Putin is controlling the White House; they think Trump probably owes Putin money and so does what Putin tells him. Meanwhile, that's exactly what happened between Hillary and the DNC. Hillary isn't a foreign national like Putin, but it is the same undermining of democracy and meddling.

    Hillary's actions may not be illegal, but don't pretend she's squeaky clean and that we're irrational. Mueller will do his job, and Trump will be brought to justice regardless of how much attention we put on the issue. So don't even try saying "attacking Hillary is just distracting us from Trump." Trump being under investigation doesn't mean others get a free pass when they meddle in an election.

    I know what your angle is, CBS. Corruption-loving selfish corporate motherfuckers. Wouldn't want anything to tarnish the reputation of your bought and paid-for corporate democrat stooges now would you? People might start thinking that Hillary's opponents didn't get a fair shake and deserve another look. But you need corporate democrats like Hillary in office to approve your mergers and tax cuts. Wouldn't want to tell your audience the FACT that your lapdogs are corrupt cheaters. Nah, you want to make jokes about how every complaint is benign nonsense, and the only thing that matters is getting the unpredictable Trump out of office. Keep it up CBS. More people are seeing through you every day. TV can't brainwash the people any longer.

  2. She should get SHot, but Id put her in prison and not let her out exept in a coffin.
    Ragnar Yeah and there is a whoLE row of them that needs to be in there right necst to there..
    including these "talkshow hosts":

  3. Let's say Clinton somehow goes to jail.
    NOTHING HAPPENS. She's not a politician anymore. A pointless victory. It's just hate with no purpose at this point.
    They should honestly just move on to some other scapegoat…

  4. The fact that all these clowns first reaction is to defend Hillary shows very much their guilt and her guilt. There was a day when the media would actually investigate these people and hold them responsible for their actions. When the media automatically takes the side of the criminal especially when there is compelling evidence you know they are disingenuous and fake news.

  5. This segment worries me. Because there's at least a 40% chance that an Alex Jones viewer will now go and shoot up a Raymour and Flannigan in Roanoke, Virginia.

  6. Just like We deployed 'very special troops' to Afghanistan we need to appoint a 'Very Special' council to investigate The Clinton Foundation… again. Now if Timmy, and Patrick do a good job on the 'Special Council' well get them tickets to the next Sponge Bob show and have a real life picknic with Elmo in Central Park. How about that boys!

  7. Aw, I was just about to watch Stranger Things 2 right after I finished this episode. It does not count as a spoiler alert if you say it after. -_-

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