Tyler Perry’s New Book Makes Him Feel Good


‘Higher is Waiting’ author Tyler Perry discusses faith, prayer, and a church he built in his backyard for his son’s christening. Subscribe To “The…


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  1. …changing some letters around in the word "Media" doesn't make you smart, or funny.
    It means you need to stop telegraphing your intention to get as much coverage as you can.

    The movies aren't funny. Not a single one of them.
    The same "fall flat" self-deprecating racial and toilet humor as every other film you've released.
    I'm sorry things were hard for you, but they're going to get worse when people realize you've been making the same movie over and over again.

    Go back to being a supporting actor, Tyler. At least you were good, then.

  2. If you truly believe what you are saying or what you said in the book? then you should give everyone a free copy. If you do this then I will believe it is not about money.

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