Fall Date Night – Trang điểm, Tóc, trang phục! | viviannnv


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  1. Hi I just wanted to know what your career is? Like is it just youtube or did you go to college and what was or is your major? Because I think we're around the same age and I'm just wondering because I might change my major and I'm a little sceptic about it? Any advice?

  2. I'm sorry and I know that these comment is extra but girl you are perfect the way you are…if you want play with make-up that's ok but I hope that you know you don't need it…just a random comment from 15 year old girl

  3. Hi Vivian, this is just a piece of advice, go for a slightly darker foundation and refrain from wiping with the beauty blender. Maybe putting foundation on back of hand and taking from it with the beauty blender may help.

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