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  1. omg youre litterly just filmed my school!! this is so cool! im a big fan so this is a really big deal for me!! its right next to that building (ahoy)

  2. the jazz festival is happening again and my school is next to building that the main stuff happens in so when i saw this title i was like: omg i need to see this

  3. Oh boys you could have gotten in a lot of shit for flying the drone over the erasmus bridge hahhahaah. You all kinds of permits to fly a drone in the netherlands let alone over the erasmus bridge hahaha

  4. i just this past month discovered you guys and you have inspired me so much already and makes me so excited to go off on my own adventure! Because I am a new vagabuddy i get to catch up on your travels new and old! this is my first time commenting on one of your videos and i wanted to just say hello 🙂 also marko's shirt in this vlog is so flipping cool!!! <3 love from the UK!

  5. what's the name of the song starting in 2:30? I know there is a list in the description but there is no songtitles there, and I want to know the song, I love that riff.

  6. I live in rotterdam (next to the biergarten), and for everybody thinking of visiting: DO, its an amazing, international friendly, and there is always something happening!

  7. I need to go back! I was in Amsterdam for only one day last year but it was great because it was my birthday haha. But Rotterdam is right next to it?

  8. Dudes, thanks for your Rotterdam video's! I am traveling and filmmaking myself in SE-Asia and missed my country Holland a bit. But it's all good now again, haha. Glad that you liked the place! I will be following you wherever you go though. Keep it up! 😀

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