Bạo lực tình dục Charlie – SNL


Hai nhân viên (James Franco, Kenan Thompson) xin lỗi các đồng nghiệp nữ của họ (Melissa Villaseñor, Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones) vì tình dục …


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  1. Weinstein – Accused of rape: gets fired
    Spacey – Accused of harassment: gets destroyed
    Trump – Admitted on tape to grab em by the pussy, accused of rape: gets elected President

  2. Thin egg shells. I don't compliment women ever for fear of a sexual harrasment complaint. I no longer hold the door open for women, as the last time I did, I got chewed up by a feminist (felt terrible afterwards).

    In fact, I just completely leave women alone haha. Not even conversation (unless it's absolutely essential). I do respect woman and believe in woman's rights, but keep to myself. I'm surprisingly ok with the minimal contact, my life is significantly simpler. #foreveralonebutcontent

    Btw is this just a Cali thing or is it similar in other states? Anyone else have a bad experience holding a door for someone?

  3. Guys you're missing the point. This has nothing to do with sexual harassment in the workplace. It's about Kenan. It's about how no one can do what Kenan can do. 1 million views with only 615 dislikes! He can make a skit funny just by being present. I ask you, If you were to describe this skit to a friend, would it even seem funny? No! The reason why Sexual Harassment Charlie gets away with sexual harassment is the same reason why Kenan Thompson has been leading this show for the past decade: he's that good.

    He has put his skill on full display and left us trying to figure out what this skit means in some broad socio-economic-racial tip. Hahah hats off to you, sir!

  4. SNL—get away from the repetitive, boring, unoriginal Trump bashing and you’ll win back fans. This was hilarious & surprisingly accurate. If you’re that “funny” big-talk but no action semi-pathetic but for whatever reason “love-able” not attractive, but not atrocious “awkwardly cute” dude who makes the middle-aged lonely women bosses feel “wanted” they’ll get pass after pass while doing VERY unethical shit. Anybody have that similar “dude” that seems to just never “do anything wrong”?!

  5. the reality is if you are a rich and good looking white guy like James Franco character is, a woman will allow you to say and do anything to them, however if you are a "Charlie" character, they are going to say you sexually assaulted them by just looking at them

  6. I really liked the sketch and totally understood what it was saying …… just found it kind of ironic that they used Franco for it, considering he's been accused of some not so okay things in real life

  7. This skit is actually so accurate that it's kind of sickening. There's a lot of recently hypocrisy with accusers and how they respond to sexual harrassment

  8. I can't stand Kenan Thompson. He does the same fuck in character with the same fucking corny smile. How the fuck is he still working on this show. Jesus. Fire this unfunny uncreative dumbass please

  9. someone made a comment below asking if this was supposed represent a sweet black man vs a high-power white man and how sexual harassment can be interpreted. I think it has something to do with a more generic reason. we all have those Charlie's in the workplace, the guy that can smooth everybody possibly even kiss ass and get away with whatever it is and they never do anything wrong cuz everybody loves him, but the person that does their job and holds everybody creditable, is the one that gets scrutinized and get complaints to HR if they happen to look at somebody the wrong way.

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