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Tạm biệt 2016. Bạn là năm tốt nhất trong cuộc đời của tôi và nếu năm 2017 bốc cháy, tôi chỉ vui vì tôi đã trải nghiệm trong năm nay. Điều đó đủ cho tôi.


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  1. I do love u Jenn. You've been spoiling me since i first visited ur channel. Nth more just really love the way u are. Love u Jenn, wish u all best in new year…

  2. I don't know how you can like someone so much without even knowing them but ohhh girl I Love you so much !!!! This energy you have and that you're sending is a blessing to my soul! I wish you the best always and pray that this year will be has amazing or better than 2016! Bless you <3 With Love

    x sjls

  3. that made me tear up! Jenn you are wondelful in every aspect. I wish you the very best in life. you deserve all the blessings you have. you are a huge role model and i hope i can learn to be as dedicated an passionate as you. congrats on your engagement, now you two are the reason i believe in love ♡

  4. YOU MADE ME CRY, JENN!! I have been watching you since you were in college and I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR YOU! You have and continue to inspire me. Continue to do what you're best at and I can't wait to see where you'll be this year! Congratulations on your engagement. I love how you and Ben are relatable – you enjoy the simple things and it's a great reminder that a relationship does not need to be based on grand things. I love you, Jenn!! So proud of you!

  5. Ack! ? Your energy and personality is so simple yet so beautiful with such positive energy and I cannot wait for what 2017 will send you. Wishing you the best! ??

  6. I've been watching Jenn since she had long black hair and did thrift videos with Sarah and im about to cry, she's improved so much professionally and personally :') She's soo lucky to have found those amazing friends (and soulmate!♥). I've never believed in true love or genuine friendships… but maybe that was my bad luck.
    Maybe it's not always that bad, thank you for inspiring me Jenn♥

  7. I'm SO happy for you jenn! 🙂 watching your videos over the past 3 years really inspired me to keep working hard to achieve my own goals/happiness just as you did for yourself. xoxox

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