Meet The Vanquishers


The Trumps đang thực hiện những vở hài kịch ở những năm 1980 trở lại! Đăng ký "The Late Show" Channel TẠI ĐÂY: Để biết thêm …


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  1. He and the rest of the Republican Party are hypocrites all they want to do is undo anything Obama did Clean Coal huh mining national parks destroying the EPA yeah he's great LMAO

  2. Dear santa, First letter i wrote to you in over 30 years, i have a special present request this year. A tiny pair of handcuffs attached to a certain doughy orange golfer….i swear i will be the best human possible if i get this gift. Yours truely, a concerned. citizen

  3. This — to me, if none else — is one of the most damning Trump revelations yet. Only because, you know, all the morally-insane feigned Nazism was performed openly.

  4. I see the Trumps in an Addams Family re-boot. Melania would be a perfect Morticia with a real Transylvanian accent. Eric would make a perfect Pugsley and Ivanka as Wednesday.

  5. this 4 eyed ass clown is so stupid he does not realize the only people who find him funny are empty headed piss pant cry baby losers, heres something all you empty headed ass wipes can let bounce around that vast empty space between your ears, 8 years of Mr.Trump then 8 years of Mr.Pence thats 16 long long years for you stupid cry baby losers, say it say it 16 years by then this 4 eyed ass clown will be in a nursing home shitting him self with stewart wad dripping down his bib

  6. Think of each Presidential day as a TV show?
    Is Trump high or just incredibly stupid?
    This not a TV show you orange dolt!
    This is real life!
    There are real consequences!

  7. I love that title. Vanquish all the libtards. Democrats and republicans are truly the same vile parasitic scum that destroy any true liberty. Shame on you

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