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Có rất nhiều lựa chọn! Cảm ơn vì đã xem! Tôi đang làm LIVE HAUL trên kênh YouTube của tôi vào ngày mai lúc 11 giờ sáng PT! Tham gia cùng tôi: Điều này …


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    Fresh cosmetics are not sold in Canada! Or the website doesn't ship to Canada!
    I'm in British Columbia and really only use Lip products on the daily. I have all the other makeup but I prefer to use tinted moisturizer and only use foundation for special events. I wish Fresh was sold in Canada! Does anyone know of a site that will ship them to Canada? I love the Burt's Bees tinted Lip shimmer line and am looking for more brands of lip tints to fall in love with!

  2. yay i love your monthly faves videos, you always have the best recommendations ingrid ?

    btw soludos is an amazing brand! ?? i own two pairs and they're my fave and so comfy ?

  3. Have you thought about ordering Tayto a Bark Box & do a unboxing with him?! I have a personal friend who has a subscription to Bark Box & his dog gets SO excited when they open it! I've watched Leighann over on Leighannsays channel do one with her dog Luna recently & Wendy over at Bentley Blonde did one a couple of years ago with her dog Kissu. They are the only two I've seen do a Bark Box unboxing on YouTube & they are so cute & funny to watch! The dogs reactions are real. You would love Wendy & Leighann's channels in general! They are fun to watch just like you!

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