Dang, Đó là Rode Pedophile Trên Một ngựa?


Người dân Alabama đã nói. Và họ nói, hớn hở … Stephen chưa biết. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Concentrate.. Israel is a terrorist state, Iran defeated ISIS, lying media, Al nusra, al quaeda, lying reporters, Israel. Iran repulsed the terrorists from Syria, Iraq. To equalize this, suddenly they made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, on short notice. Just to gain a defensive point. But Jerusalem is originally A philistine /Palestine Capital. Book of Joshua chapter 12 to 13. With Russian and Turkish intel support and military support, Iran gained Victory in Syria and Iraq against the terrorists ziocommunists and islamic terrorists.. Get the point?
    The ruling symbol of the United States needs to be changed to The Cross and not the 6 pointed star…

  2. I wanna here about the allegations against Moore until it’s over, if they all of a sudden stop, then they were fake.

    As much as it sounds wrong, I hope they weren’t fake, because Id hope he lost because he is evil, not because of corruption

    If the truly evil man lost, good j b Alabama

  3. Isn't it wonderful to wake up and find out that the tide is turning?!! Remember a year ago, when the unthinkable happened and it felt like your guts had been ripped out? Well, it seems that Alabama does too.

  4. For my "Evangelicals ". Jesus (Jeshua ) while talking about the "religious " said you are like white washed tombs on the outside they appear beautiful but on the inside they are filled with dead men's bones and all uncleanliness

  5. Moore's a fucking pedophile piece of traitor trash but GOP and Trump are 100% traitors to this nation. Their rich fraud cuts for the rich, their Trumpcare scam, now Paul Ryan wants to gut net neutrality and hurt SSI and Medicare. The GOP must be voted out in every state across the country, no GOP can be left in government in 2018 vote them all out.

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