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The Beatles "You Make It Feel Like Christmas"


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  1. Is her face and mouth a side effect of Botox or Plastic Surgery? There is OBVIOUSLY something WRONG there! She used to be cool way back with "No Doubt"!

  2. Gorgeous…..well she blew that surprise!
    Just like she did earlier in her Mimi g interview!
    She was looking so relaxed then too.
    Loved her in that interview too for hallmark!

  3. I LOVE Gwen. Tragic Kingdom was my childhood I’ve always loved her and will, but PLEASE STFU ABOUT BLAKE.

    She is so successful and chill and for like 2 years allllll she does is talk about Blake. No one cares. It’s WEIRD.

  4. I never get tired of seeing her and Blake. They're both such nice fun people. Gwen has always been so humble as well as classy and beautiful.
    I'm originally from Orange County like Gwen and a few of my friends went to the same high school as her in Anaheim.

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