Mất bản thân trong vẻ đẹp tinh tế của vùng đất hoang Alaska | Phim ngắn giới thiệu


Với những lời thơ của Bob Marshall là hướng dẫn của bạn, hãy đắm mình trong vẻ đẹp của vùng hoang dã Alaska với bộ phim ngắn tuyệt vời này bằng …


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  1. I understand that everyone loves these magical views. But soon enough, you will be the one ruining the whole scene by building "cozy log cabins" and ski resorts.

    Think about how many people want to see these areas. EVERYONE.

  2. I just want to leave and travel just that!I wanna climb all these mountains! Just watch stars at night in the open sky. Just like run alone in open valleys and scream I MADE IT IM LIVING MY DREAM Is that too much to ask for?

  3. yes alaska is beautiful i live in palmer next to wasilla. ive been to many places around the world but nothing beats alaska. even though i was born in fairbanks, when i wake up in the morning and look out the window i am still amazed how beautifully God has created this planet. and no we don't live in igloos

  4. So in the middle of watching all this beauty, a commentator interrupts it to tell us we shouldn't be distracted by anything else, just enjoy the beauty… great, next time a little warning please and I will watch it with the volume down.

  5. Most of these shots are from the Anchorage area. They took off from lake hood circled the mountains a few times, then landed and drove down the seward highway maybe a half hour tops.
    My point is its easy to fine great views but if you truly go out of your way to get into the wilderness it only gets prettier. Theres places you can be a hundred plus miles from the nearest person, thats the true wilderness.

  6. I would rather see raw imagery than all the video effects and color filters they added to this video. Alaska doesn't need help from the video production crew to be beautiful.

  7. I have some friends who live in Alaska. They post pictures of their weather station at the house. The temperature is in the -20's all of the time in winter. Yeah screw that.

  8. I'm going to offer one small bit of feedback — this was breathtaking scenery and could have been relaxing and otherwise a peaceful experience but for the totally black screens between video segments early in the piece. I found that on/off, on/off jarring.

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