Matt Damon giải thích tại sao 'Săn đuổi tốt' lại có nhiều điều đáng sợ


'Downsizing' ngôi sao Matt Damon nhìn lại những kỷ niệm ồn ào và ảm đạm nhất của mình gắn liền với bộ phim xác định cuộc sống trưởng thành của mình: "Good Will …


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  1. Oh, goodie, a different irritating, insulting outro. The plea has not been for ~different~ annoyances, it has been about removing them.
    You're supposedly appealing to an alert and informed audience but now you are treating them as if they are too thick to know how to sub to a Tuber. Stop It!!!
    We are also smart enough to know how to curtail alerts and cut off a subscription. I don't want to, as yours are the first videos I peruse any morning when there are new posts. But I will cut you off on Feb 1, 2018 if that insipid outro plea is not removed. Except I will come back at times to encourage others to quit Colbert if the outro continues.
    Who is there on Late Night Talk that does not do an annoying outro?
    Conan O'Brien does not do that at all. Seth Meyers does not do it. James Corden does not do it. Jimmy Fallon does not do it, he just has some music from The Roots at the end. Meyers and Corden also have some fade-out music.
    Kimmel is a jerk; I expect no better from him. But Colbert??? Which group do you want to be aligned with?

  2. Either stop splitting up the show or stop shoe-horning the "subscribe plz" at the end of every segment. It's annoying as hell to have to listen to the same joke seven times when you play all the clips from yesterday's show.

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