Matt Damon Thought The ‘Downsizing’ Plot Was A Ruse


‘Downsizing’ star Matt Damon thought his leg was being pulled when he was pitched a plot involving a portion of the Earth’s population being…


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  1. What a Hollywood sellout. Only goes back to Boston for daddy's birthday? these fuckers flee the very places that gave them their very inspiration as movie makers. The same goes for that hack dilettante named Ben Affleck.

  2. Dear Stephen Colbert. I am a big fan. I hate Matt demon and Ben Afflevk. . I need to ask you to lay off trump completely in the new year 2028, because I think you are feeding the beast. He feeds on this attention. After all we already had established that he is a grown child. So please. As much as I enjoy your show I will not watch it anymore. A good time to go to the private blogs with nice innocent children. Thsnx.

  3. I love how real Matt got when he spoke about Good Will Hunting. It just shows how much that movie meant, and still means to him -A truly beautiful movie, by two of the finest actors of our time. Stay humble and kind Matt, a true talent 🙂

  4. I think Matt Damon handled talking about Weinstein and the fact that he's a successful actor now even though they worked together in the past far better than any other guest Stephen has had involving the sexual harassment/misconduct stories recently.

  5. Matt has had several allegations made against him that he knew everything about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and helped Harvey silence women. Why isn't Colbert grilling him over it? Wait a minute, could it be that Colbert picks and chooses when he virtue signals? Could it be that he decides who is innocent and who is worthy enough to be called out during live television? I wonder why he so carefully picks and chooses who he goes after. Either way, Colbert is hands down the scummiest piece of shit on Late Night and I wouldn't be surprised at all if pedophile allegations came out against him (he is best friends with the Podesta brothers after all)

  6. The premise of the film is not unusual.. See the Georgia guidestones.. the UN wanting to reduce population all for the purpose of reducing population.. as in getting rid of population.. not merely just shrinking them..

  7. Oh, goodie, a different irritating, insulting outro. The plea has not been for ~different~ annoyances, it has been about removing them.
    You're supposedly appealing to an alert and informed audience but now you are treating them as if they are too thick to know how to sub to a Tuber. Stop It!!!
    We are also smart enough to know how to curtail alerts and cut off a subscription. I don't want to, as yours are the first videos I peruse any morning when there are new posts. But I will cut you off on Feb 1, 2018 if that insipid outro plea is not removed. Except I will come back at times to encourage others to quit Colbert if the outro continues.
    Who is there on Late Night Talk that does not do an annoying outro?
    Conan O'Brien does not do that at all. Seth Meyers does not do it. James Corden does not do it. Jimmy Fallon does not do it, he just has some music from The Roots at the end. Meyers and Corden also have some fade-out music.
    Kimmel is a jerk; I expect no better from him. But Colbert??? Which group do you want to be aligned with?

  8. We have a megalomaniac narcissistic neo-Nazi supremacist prepotent dotard with the self control of a masturbating zoo chimp, with access to an entire nuclear arsenal, good times! What could go wrong Koch Bros and  Mercer??

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