Hey guys! Tôi muốn làm một cuộc trò chuyện đã sẵn sàng với tôi, trước hết là sử dụng một bóng tối màu đỏ tuyệt đẹp mà tôi bị ám ảnh bởi, nhưng cũng chia sẻ một …


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  1. I have followed your channel for several years. I just went back to watch one of your very first videos. I don't know if it is becoming a mother or other factors. But you definitely look more beautiful!

  2. I'm really happy that you still upload videos. ever since you got pregnant we've been seeing less and less but now you're back! You were the first beauty guru that I subscribed to and learned from. <3 btw, you look like BlackPink's Jennie! Love you!

  3. Do you have any solutions to this: I have one monolid and one double lid and I have no idea how to apply eyeliner, I don't want to use fake lashes or the tape stuff

  4. I love that you talked about being different and being more mature. I appreciate the channels that are more centered around my age, what I like, what I feel. I definitely don't look like everyone else either, and it's cool to see different forms of beauty become popular.

  5. Jen! I love this video super much! You are such an inspiration! Please dont stop making awesome video ok? I have been following you since i was 15 and now i have my own girl who is one month younger than Aria. So your pregnancy video was a such an inspirational for me too during my pregnancy journey . Thank you Jen!

  6. lol @ the horse hair thing I see so many white people(men and women) freak out about hair thinning and balding when they get old…..also fine hair tangles and knots really easily, thick hair doesn't

  7. Jen, you are my inspiration! I really enjoy listening to you talking about all these storys and thoughts. This just makes me love you more. Btw, my eyelids do the same too!

  8. You are very open-minded and kind :] especially because of the discrimination you've gone through
    I agree with you on the beauty standards in Korean..or I would say Asia because I'm Japanese and I always feel this pressure to be perfect and match societies standards of being pretty.. It's difficult, but I believe each person is beautiful if they're beautiful inside :] This chit chat grwm was awesome! 😀

  9. I just came across your video! Wow I think you are beautiful with a great presence.  I am a makeup student (Aged 50) and I went back to school.  You are never to old to learn new things.  I want to learn how to do flattering makeup on all eye looks.  It was a pleasure to watch and listen to your video.  Felt like I was sitting across from a g/f having coffee.  I subscribed!

  10. Just curious; is Aria going to grow up in LA ? I loved your story. Im just a korean living in korea but I can't imagine the kind of struggle that kyopos(or any other kids who are told to 'stand out') have to face while they grow up. Definitely more of that chit chatty GRWM!

  11. I love this jen! As someone who always struggled with monolid make up when I was younger YOU were the FIRST youtube beauty gurus I found who did monolid makeup! You were my guiding force through high school make up years, and I love my face now. Thank you for being confident for all of us!!

  12. I've had that horse hair comment growing up too (grew up in a predominantly white community until I went to college! Now everyone awes over how thick and healthy my hair is. MUWAHAHAHAHA

  13. You're so beautiful, not just on the outside but inside as well. Your voice is so calming ☺️ I totally want to try this look. Never tried a red bold eyeshadow before.

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