Ellen trình bày 'SUMMIT' – Tập 6


Trong tập cuối thứ sáu và cuối cùng, chúng tôi xem các phi hành đoàn bắt đầu phát triển vượt ra khỏi "gia đình" Summit chặt chẽ của họ và vào bản sắc mới của họ ở bên ngoài …


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  1. We need an interview with all of them soon PLEASE! You can feel that most of the people who watch "Summit" have a special connection with all these lucky people! We need to know what happens with them because we love them ❤

  2. I love how the students are getting acclimatized to their environment , how they're getting on well together despite the physical distance between them. I love Keanna , but can't get why she doesn't appear with anyone

  3. Ellen we need more of these videos. Please don't make this the final video. it is great to see the growth in these kids lives. Can we experience it with them? please. Thank you.

  4. Ellen, you are really lovely Generous Person I ever know. You literally changed their lives. I am from India and I love you and your show. I am really looking Forward to meeting You ones In my lifetime.

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