Katy Tur: "Thủ thuật vĩ đại nhất" Trump đã từng chơi trên nước Mỹ


Tác giả 'Không thể tin nổi' Katy Tur đã có một ghế hàng ghế đầu cho chương trình Ăn kiêng của Chủ tịch Diet Coke, nhà báo-bashing năm 2016. Đăng ký "The …


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  1. if trump get actually pushed to a wall with real charges against him, he will get out of that with (re)starting the North Korea war.
    Then all charges would be not important enough in face of the new world situation .. You bet he have no problem with that(egomaniac as he is) – on the other hand, N-Korea need to be delt with anyway, not saying it should not be..

  2. why is this beautiful somewhat powerful woman afraid to call it like it is and say racist, twice stephen gave her the opportunity to condemn the racism and she just wanted to scurry around it. the crayon line by stephen was him saying "come on, lady just say it like it is"

  3. "tribalism at its worst"
    literally on the tv show where colbert pumps his audience into an anti-trump frenzy every night, our tribe vs the "trumptards" or our tribe vs "the russians"
    colbert will never talk about the SYSTEM that allowed trump to win in the first place or the failure of the corporate democrats to offer anything in replacement. he just throws scraps of red meat to those suffering from trump derangement syndrome. just like how fox news did over obama.
     the only people who can stomach this show anymore are those with a "tribal" mindset, focused on the personal and not policy

  4. What trick ? Trump is doing everything he said he was going to do before he was elected .. Still not tired of winning so keep the cry baby shows coming colbert.

  5. While it's good to discuss social justice and identity politics, many Democratic voters were alienated by Hillary because she soled out and abandoned support for single payer Medicare as well as other democratic social policies that defined the party in the past. That's why the rust belt states swung in Trump's favour, he was the only one promising them popular solutions and did so not as a traditional Republican. Now, he lied all the way and ended up becoming even more corrupt Republican who enlarged the swamp, but that's another issue. The point is, the Democratic establishment alienated their increasingly social leaning public.

  6. Alabama must be as backward as fuck. They must mate with vegetables to get people that stupid. And Trump must be partly pumpkin in his genetic makeup. LOL

  7. Face it folks, trumpism is over. He and his ilk are irrelevant at this point. It’s just a matter of time before that whole klan gets charged with conspiracy to collude, and/or obstruction. The tidal wave has arrived and it’s called DECENCY and RESPECT and women are leading the charge.

  8. The Republicans have not been the Stable Economy party since 1986. They made their level of understanding clear with Reaganomics the first time, but are at it again with the tax plan. Complete economic incompetence. The DOW is not your GDP. It's the 1%'s.

  9. Katy Tur is exactly correct. Tribalism is driving all of this. That is why facts do not matter. That is also why you are all fuckpotatos for picking sides. We no longer need popularity contests to decide what to do. We have highly accurate simulations and algorithms that can make decisions more accurately than any group of humans could without it. We have the internet and access to real time information from nearly every square mile of this planet.

    We do not need TEAMS to cheer for. We need standardized, accurate, and well vetted information and the contemplative opinions of informed citizens to drive National Progress. Tribalism is the last great animal hurdle to overcome in the awakening process. Society will either solve this conflict and develop a more effective means of decision making, or collapse. This is how all great societies have fallen in recorded history.

    The choice is always the same. Find a solution, or hit the reset button. To find a solution we need informed citizens making educated decisions. To educate the citizens we need a standardized source for information that all institutions and citizen rely on, and that can be actively protected from corruptions.

    We are the answer. Politicians are not. Time to wake up and do some hard work. If you don't, all our kids will suffer for your convenience. Just so YOUR FAT LAZY SHIT EATING ASS can avoid taking responsibility for the global shitstorm you created and now demand politicians fix for you.

    We are the the only people who can change this. SO GET OFF YOUR ASS!

  10. Don't kid yourself a t-rump win has to do with anti-homo and anti-abortion (women's health)…oh and racism…did I mention most of the fringe trump supporters believe Michelle Obama is a tranny and Barack Muslim…That is why trump one…

  11. Well, Trump will probably go down in history as the greatest con man. Sure, he's not bright, but he is a magician, a master of misdirection even when its in plain view he still garners a willing, believing audience.
    How? For a start, timing.
    Turning up at a time when LOTs of people are dissatisfied and pissed at their lot, fed up and bored with the status quo and lying to them about how HE WILL make America (them) great again. (whatever that means, can someone tell me?)
    Clinton was not a contender. Jesus, is that the best America can throw up, Trump & Clinton?
    So Trump comes along, plays the fool.
    OK, he's a jerk but he's a harmless jerk and he's saying some agreeable things, (to a lot of people) so I'll vote for him, lets give the guy a break, he's harmless, look how successful he's been! what have we got to loose?!
    Hitler got the timing right too. Stirred people up, said some agreeable (ahem) things, played the fool, the little Charlie Chaplin figure, you know, harmless. What have we got to loose?
    Nobody gets to be the Potus that is an idiot, moron, stupid twat and yes, he is all those things and a whole lot moore.
    But, remember where he now sits. You, (and there's some very smart You's out there) who voted for him have been conned, own it, live with it and do your damnedest to get conscious and do something about it.
    Until you wise up and admit we've been duped, there he sits. next to that little red button.

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