Mặt nạ mặt nạ yêu thích của tôi (với Demo)! ◈ Ingrid Nilsen


Tôi về cơ bản đã cho bản thân mình một khuôn mặt và quay nó cho bạn! 🙂 Nghe podcast mới của tôi Ladies Ăn trưa! http://itunes.com/ladieswholunch Mới …


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  1. the tula mask is the bee's knees! I ordered it after seeing this video. finally used it for the first time. easier to remove than most clay masks and my skin feels hella clean without feeling stripped. 🙂 you have the best recommendations.

  2. Hey Ingrid…this is going to sound weird all the way- I'm a 14 year-old nice guy, 6"1, nice brown skinned, unusual nice hair, an Oreo, and I'm usually always getting bashed on, by my ghetto peers at school because of my rapid beard, now you are a beauty master, so can you please give me any and all the advice you can think of for getting rid of this beard…oh and my mom says I can't shave it off at all…so please give me all you got.?

  3. Hey Ingrid! I remember you used to have struggles with acne. I struggle with adult acne as well. I just wanted to say that your skin looks fantastic and I am so happy that you were able to get rid of your acne!! Much love from Toronto.

  4. the new ginzing formula is SUUUUUPER alcoholic smelling which is probably why it burned your eyes. i used it when i was hungover because i wanted a pick me up, and it almost made me feel ill, so i checked the ingredients and alcohol is like, one of the first ingredients

  5. Hey Ingrid! My Science teacher Mr. Aceto gave us a talk about how we can be whatever we wanna be in life. He used you as an example. He said that he taught you when you were in middle school, and that you served as an inspiration to him, and many other teachers 🙂 thanks for being a reason to skip 30 minutes of class <3 (ps. do you remember mr.aceto?)

  6. Ingrid please turn straight for me so I can marry you…beg you to have my kids…and spoil you with comic books(yes I am a nerd)…you gorgeous piece of intelligence

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