Nick Jonas giới thiệu bộ sưu tập 'Jumanji' Song He Wrote với Jack Black


'Jumanji: Chào mừng bạn đến với ngôi sao Jungle' Nick Jonas chia sẻ một đoạn thông tin về sự hợp tác giữa Jumanji và Jack Black. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. Legitimate question for anyone that may know. Does copyright cross over between say music and movies. Like in this case: the movie is called Jumanji: welcome to the jungle. Does that in anyone infringe on say guns n' roses album "welcome to the jungle"? Would they have to get permission to use it? (That may be a really dumb question. No idea how it works)

  2. "It's not gonna last. In January, you are literally gonna kick her to the curb."
    Not if it's one of those reusable trees that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

  3. jumanji was about the board game coming into the real world. the evolution of a board game becoming a video game makes perfect sense. but I don't know about being sucked into the game only, like robin Williams.

  4. Jesus, Nick is actually pretty charismatic but Stephen makes it so obvious that he’s not that invested in an interview. So many awkward celebrity interviews lately.

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