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ATLANTIS RISING theo sau nhà sản xuất điều hành và huyền thoại đoạt giải Oscar James Cameron; nhà làm phim 3 lần đoạt giải Emmy Simcha Jacobovici; và một …


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  1. People being so sure something does not exist, without even examining the evidence…. with that mentality no more new discoveries will ever be made…

  2. I think it's in plain sight nicknamed the royal city. after reading the story it is not real hard. Every one thinks it is in Europe, but I think it is in America tampa bay harbour island.

  3. Seriously, Nat Geo? Is this pseudoscience BS because that golum Rupert Murdoch bought you out? — I thought these two idiots gave up on this kind of fictional nonsense after Coppel shamed them – I mean interviewed them – no, I mean SHAMED them on live TV just by asking a few simple, rational questions after one of their stoned bible fantasy films aired. I guess Titanic Man and his little wannabe spiritual guru figured enough time has passed that we've all forgotten what ignorant history-frauds they are and need to flush away some more Avatar cash on making America even dumber. Gotta keep up with all the Ancient Aliens and Bigfoot Hunters two stations over, eh, Nat Geo? I spit in your general direction. [ptoo] — You do realize that producing and promoting this kind of anti-intellectual garbage is why people blithely and numbly let terrible things like genocide, global warming, and Trump happen, right? Shame, Nat Geo. Shame. — And all you gullible dipshits in couch-potato land that think they's gettin' sum good edumacations by switching over from your usual reality-show-packed evening to watch this steaming pile should really just ante up and huff some strong, industrial glue. It's a much more efficient means of killing about the same score of brain-cells, and I guarantee whatever you see with that baggie stuck to your lips will be a lot more grounded in reality. …shame…

  4. I assume this will be the "discovery" that the volcano making up the island of Thera now Santorini blew up destroying the Minoan civilization and many others generating the tale of Atlantis. What I was told in college in the late '70s is going to be repackaged.

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