Đại sứ không chính thức ở Bắc Triều Tiên Dennis Rodman chia sẻ bản chất của các cuộc trò chuyện của mình với Lãnh tụ tối cao Kim Jong-un. Đăng ký…


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  1. Oh for the love of God…WE have a child here with nuclear codes that antagonize another one across the pond with possible nuke capabilities…and we're bitching that Rodman talks to him? Trump called the efforts of his friggin Sec of State a waste of time… effectively undermined him…think before we react people… because I don't hear any solution from the White House…. specifically from the weirdo dictator in charge there….who by the way is acting very erratic…SAD!

  2. strange thing is… whole Asia laughs with black people, Kim Jong-Un respects Rodman for some reason…. Rodman is like the ambassador for black people in Asia, think about it…

  3. Inviting treacherous filth now Steven? Well fuck you too than! No whining comments on this reaction please. If you have friendly visits like Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong Un a piece of fat murderous shit who threatens the US with a nuclear attack? You're on my shitlist!

  4. Gringos imbeciles. Les preocupa tanto que otro pais tenga bombas nucleares, cuando han sido ellos los unicos en lanzarlas dos veces sobre civiles. Y mas encima les preocupa los derechos humanos. Hipocritas!!!

  5. say what you want about this dude, but he gives him a connection to the outside world. you guys seem to forget that he is living in a bubble over there, his only input is secret service, military, china and TV.

    thats not healthy. whenever you can correct your views by actually talking to real ppl thats good, even if its only a basketball hero of your youth.

    i'm deeply concerned by isolationist diplomacy. its dangerous, and it never leads to anything, it just makes dictators more paranoid and easy to manipulate by hardliners around them (mostly military).

  6. I am so convinced that North Korea has a secret tradition of turning people into child molesters upon coming of age, so their leader has a higher head to maintain everyone in submission. It is reclusive for a reason, and everyone there grows into it.

  7. That dude needs to be our diplomat to North Korea. I bet if we sent him over there with an autographed basketball from Lebron Curry and Jordan there would be no war.

  8. Elephant in the room – Rodman cant say anything really bad, because both know Kim Jong is watching. I mean Colbert has the right to, but at every turn, Rodman sort of goes silent or "oh really, didnt know he killed his uncle". Ignorance = bliss. Hes trying to save face/relationship with Kim Jong. Obviously hes going back. Its an interesting back and forth watch.

  9. Jang Song-thaek was executed according to North Korea. WTF?! Dennis Rodman, maybe he is a good buffer between America and North Korea. It could be worse. We could have a Big ORANGE MOUTH drinking his diet cokes while spewing hate and threats. We don't need that against North Korea or any country.

  10. Dennis Rodman is quite a character, but he got it right here. His job is NOT to talk politics. Sports is not about dividing people into political factions. It's like music; in it's purest form, it can unite left and right, old and young, good and evil. For love of the game.

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