Eating Cuy Guinea Pig in Peru – What Does Guinea Pig Taste Like?


If You Are Visiting Peru One of the More Interesting Foods You May Try is Cuy or Guinea Pig! Here is our experience eating guinea pig in Peru in…


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  1. This double-standard BS, c'mon!! People in the US eat rabbit, veal, duckling, piglet (ALL cute and adorable creatures, yet delicious to them, nevertheless), but have a different opinion about Guinea Pigs. GP have been raised for thousands of years by native Peruvians for food without hypocritical issues, and these people are, by far, mentally healthier, have an enormously spiritual world, have a better sense of empathy towards each other and are much more thankful to what mother nature provides for them, which is more to say about any of the "sensitive" people commenting over here.

  2. awesome video ….. please next time you guys need to Visit Piura you and your family will love it. Piura is in the North part of Peru so close to Ecuador and Cajamarca and Amazonas . Also close to Galapagos too. so keep that suggestion on mind guys.
    Im watching all your videos from Europe since we have a vacation coming soon. Thanks for all the tips and the do and don't. God bless you guys ?

  3. Get a haircut! That is not in style u look like someone who was born on the freeway because thats where most accidents happen. U then got took to the dumpster behind the 99 cents store which made you look so old. U then adopted ur little girl who gave u guienea pig and is rotten and has a bookcase filled with ur familys death.

  4. Fat guy. You ate too much guiena pig and thats what u deserve! GET A LIFE AND DONT POST ON YOUTUBE> U ARE A BURNT CHICKEN NUGGET. WHY DONT THEY EAT U! You know that they wouldnt so why do u get to eat them??? Make a better video and i will like it you are loosing a lot of likes and i hope u die and get executed by the queen and king of the rodents.

  5. Go Vegan! Unnecessary harm to animals is just wrong and cruel. Animals are not our slaves not are they inanimate objects. Their lives matter to them just like ours matter to us. The mature thing to do is to change and improve now.

  6. This is sooo delicious . love it… I am half german half peruvian and its one of my favorite foods, but sadly (for me) its not liked to see to eat this in germany^^

  7. Did you guys go all the to Peru from Prague? Or did you pop back home first? Keep up the great videos. You have inspired my wife and I to do many trips from Brugge to Paris to Rome, next stop Prague in February. Thanks and keep them coming, I can't wait to see you and the family in Antarctica.

  8. Haha… great video! Arequipa is a damn cool city. "Cuy chactado" is awesome, but I like "Picante de Cuy" the most (is a fried guinea pig with a spicy sauce and potatoes, is from the Andes area). I understand some people and mostly foreingers don't feel comfortable eating guinea pig, Mrs. Wolters' face expression says it all!

  9. I visited peru last month and tasted cuy. Can't wait for cusco, aguas calientas and machu pichu videos! Peru is amazing and cuy is delicious. Don't forget to try the puruvian burger chain 'BEMBOS', their burgers are fantastic.

  10. These are available frozen in mini Latin American areas of New York City; was always curious but because I've seen them as pets, could never bring myself to try one

  11. I like to think that I would be open to trying any commonly eaten dish when traveling, be it Guinea Pig in Peru or Dog in Korea, but I really won't know until I start traveling to some of these country's.  I am suspicious that I may have had dog in Cuba a few years ago. When lunching at a farm, while on a jeep tour, a guest gave some meat from her plate to a skin and bone looking dog. The dog gave it a sniff and hurried away, a few of the many chicken's wondering under and over the tables immediately started in on it. I said that "dog don't eat dog" and many laid down there forks, to my amusement as I had already eaten. But I did, and still do, wonder what we ate that day .

  12. My family is Peruvian, as far as I know and as far as how my family was raised, Cuy (guinea pig) was something they never ate, as for some it is a pet, my uncle told me eating cuy is something little villages up in the mountains away from major big cities did that was more common, then it spread throughout the country. A lot of restaurants in Lima (from when i went) didn't offer it in their restaurants, but once we went up to Huancayo and hit up little food places Cuy was always on the menu. You know what you should try? Ceviche, and Leche De Tigre (which is a stronger version of ceviche i think, it translates to "Tiger milk" but has nothing to do with tigers lol, they just want to mean its a food for champs and to make you strong lol) ooo and Papa Rellena (stuffed potato), omg and your family has to see what Bistek a lo pobre (Poor mans steak) looks like there, its usually a breakfast food but my goodness its sooooooooo good! 😀

  13. I like it. I've had it a couple of times in queens NY. It's like a combo of dark meat chicken (totally get the turkey reference) and pork. I've had it marinated and BBQ'd and in a tamale. It must be how it was seasoned or not seasoned.

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